HTTPManifold is a Java based application for funnelling Web/HTTP traffic for multiple servers through a single IP address. It is intended for home users and small businesses so that they can host multiple domains and sub-domains through a single IP address on port 80. HTTPManifold forwards traffic to other machines, logs requests, and rewrites content during the process. It can also log the raw content of requests for the purpose of debugging web services, etc.


  • Log raw requests and responses to any servers
  • Log traffic destined for HTTPS web services
  • Throttle bandwidth to individual servers to test performance at different speeds
  • Forward requests to alternate servers based on host name
  • Rewrite headers and content to match requirements of destination server
  • Control timeouts and keep-alive settings
  • Run as a Windows or Linux services
  • Additional level of security by rewriting requests to by HTTP compliant.
  • Log malicious traffic.
  • And more...