HTTP Reverse Proxy and Development Tool

Similar to virtual hosting, HTTP reverse proxying allows web traffic for multiple servers to pass through a single IP address. Home users and businesses alike can easily host multiple domains and sub-domains running on various internal services.

It also allows HTTP traffic to be manipulated and logged for development purposes. Similar web debugging tools require browser integration and are not suited for testing application web services. It can even bridge and log connections to secure sites.

  • Log raw HTTP requests and responses.
  • Transparently reverse proxy multiple domains through a single IP address.
  • Throttle bandwidth to particular servers.
  • HTTPManifold makes it easy.

Latest News

Aug 6, 2007
"HTTPManifold Web Site Created"

"We've used HTTPManifold in development and production environments. We've been able to quickly make test servers publicly accessible, set up difficult debugging of live web services."

David Stevenson

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