If the distribution or installer for the appropriate system has not yet been downloaded, see the Download section to acquire the correct version. The installation and setup requirements are described below.


Three different install methods are described below. Select the installation method that corresponds to the distribution previously downloaded.

  • Windows distribution using httpmanifold-setup-x.xx.exe.
  • Linux distribution using httpmanifold-linux-x.xx.tar.gz.
  • Manual distribution using httpmanifold-x.xx.zip or httpmanifold-x.xx.tar.gz.

Installation instructions assume that the full distribution which includes a JRE will be used.


Windows installation should be smooth and simple. Just execute the httpmanifold-setup-x.xx.exe installer. The installer will install all necessary software in a user selected directory, and create shortcuts as desired.

HTTPManifold Windows installer

At the end of the installation, the option to install HTTPManifold as a Windows service is presented. To register or unregister the service later, use the shortcuts created in the HTTPManifold program group.

HTTPManifold Server service option

After installing, the tool still needs to be configured properly before it will be useful. See the configuration steps that follow.


Distributions for Linux are bundled in a compressed file. To install, just extract the downloaded httpmanifold-linux-x.xx.tar.gz file into the desired installation parent directory, e.g. /usr/local/.

Optionally, after extraction, run one of the installation scripts.

  • Running install-home will create an httpmanifold executable in the user home bin directory.
  • Running install-usr will create an httpmanifold executable in the /usr/bin directory.

After running the desired install script, assuming either of those directories is in the PATH, HTTPManifold should be runnable by simply calling httpmanifold. If no install script is used, the HTTPManifold startup script (httpmanifold) can still be run directly.

At this point, the shortcut to the application should be created as described in the user's environment to the launch the executable mentioned above.

After setup, see the the configuration steps that follow.


The httpmanifold-x.xx.zip and httpmanifold-x.xx.tar.gz distributions contains the distribution jar required to run httpmanifold, as well as some reference scripts, and should required minimal manual system configuration before being able to run it, assuming a JRE is already present.


At this point, if everything has been successfully installed, the installation can be confirmed by launching the application and then trying to connect to http://localhost or http://localhost:8888. If everything is successful, this HTTPManifold web site should be displayed. Then, going to http://localhost:8000 should bring up the HTTPManifold web interface.

Please continue to the the configuration guide to see available configuration options.