Here are a list of screenshots demonstrating the web interface to HTTPManifold. The tool is meant to forward HTTP traffic to various servers and offers a degree of logging in the process. All logs are available in text log files, but the logs can be browsed using the optional web interface shown. The web interface will also handle configuration as the tool matures.

Hosts List

HTTPManifold can handle traffic for multiple hosts and domains. The main hosts list shows the hosts and their forward configuration and allows the logs to be browsed if available.

Screenshot of hosts list

Logs List

The log list shows a list of the available logs along with some information related to the logs, such as date, size, and number of hits. It also provides the link to various views of the individual logs.

Screenshot of logs list

Visitors List

One of the log views available is a list of individual visitors. The list shows the visitor's address, referrer page, number of hits, and highlights whether it is believed to be a bot.

Screenshot of visitors list

Logs Grouped By Visit

When viewed, log entries can be grouped by visit. In that case, each group of logs is headed by an information bar describing the visitor who originated the traffic.

Screenshot of log grouped by visits

Logs Visit

The log list is fairly generic. It provides some basic log information in order. Line entries are color coded based on whether it the hit originated from a bot, whether it was a page view, etc.

Screenshot of log grouped by visits